Matthew Lee Anderson writes about ethics and politics for the church in the world.

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Considerations from the intersection of theology, ethics and society. Previous Issues

Selected Articles

Marriage as Moral Orthodoxy

As evangelicals watch megachurches and other institutions wobble in their convictions about marriage, we have sought to buttress support by elevating the traditional view of the doctrine to a matter of orthodoxy.

How We Got to the Equality Act

The LGBT movement was shaped by the animosity of populist evangelical rhetoric and tactics.

The Biblical Case Against IVF

Current infertility and procreation practices suggest a profound crisis in how we understand the significance of human life.

Poly Parenting and the Value of the Family

The emerging discussion about in vitro gametogenesis and other types of multi-parent technologies demands renewed attention to why children do well with only two parents, and why those parents do best to procreate in the ordinary way, even with all its inefficiencies, burdens, and failures.

On Living in a Pandemic Age

Augustine, C. S. Lewis, and the perfection of fear.

White evangelicals have a complicated relationship with Christian nationalism

As the specter of full-dress theocracy has dimmed, attention has shifted to a distinct but overlapping phenomenon: Christian nationalism.

On being “Pro-Life” in a pandemic

Whatever else we say about the relationship between our responsibilities to protect the lives of those who are most vulnerable, we cannot pretend that these decisions are easy.

How pornography makes us less human and less humane

Pervasive consumption of pornography dulls the mind: if we delightedly give ourselves over to falsehoods, we lose our ability to sort truth from fiction.

Can justice be saved?

In these talks, which I delivered at Biola University’s Torrey Honors Institute, I attempt to lay out an evangelical account of justice that is responsive to current questions.


A podcast about the shape faithfulness to the Gospel should take in the twenty-first century.

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