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Reviews from Subscribers

Eloquent, passionate, and provocative in all the right sorts of ways, Matthew Lee Anderson is always worth reading and wrestling with.

Dr. Bryan McGraw

Dean of Social Sciences, Wheaton College

From its very inception, ‘the Path Before Us’ has challenged my assumptions about what it means ’to live a meaningful life.’ Even when Dr. Anderson takes it upon himself to give advice to the whole world and I vehemently disagree with him, I never go away without a ‘burden’ to treat life with the ‘gravitas’ it deserves. Subscribe!

Jeremiah Ogazi

At a time when we are bombarded by opinions, pontifications, po-faced pronouncements, and third-hand “expertise,” I find Matthew Lee Anderson’s newsletter indispensable, whether or not I agree with his conclusions.

John Wilson

Founder, Books and Culture

Matthew Lee Anderson’s newsletter ‘The Path Before Us’ has become must-read for me when it hits my inbox. As a pastor, I find the ethical reasoning both more substantive than a master’s program and more practical. Anderson is an academic who gets the church.

Dave Strunk

Lead Pastor, Church of the Redeemer, Alcoa, TN

Real wisdom and profound insights await those patient enough to wade through Anderson’s famous prolixity, like speculators sifting for gold.

Jonathan Askonas

Assistant Professor of Politics, Catholic University

There is no one who it is a genuine delight to disagree with more than Matthew Lee Anderson.

Myles Werntz

Associate Professor of Theology, Abilene Christian University

Matt Anderson’s newsletter is more frequent and wordier than most other newsletters.

Christian Young

What’s this about?

The Path Before Us is an eclectic newsletter helps readers reason more clearly about practical, moral and political questions. I want to help readers discern the shape faithfulness should take within our own lives and the world around us.

One issue will include a close reading of Scripture, another will examine a passage of literature, some issues will give advice about specific occasions, and occasionally I’ll just pass along the best articles and quotes I’ve seen from around the web.

But my aim will always be to help you train your ‘powers of discernment’ through ‘constant practice’ so that you can better ‘distinguish good from evil’ in this world (Hebrews 5:14).

What do I get, and how much?

Members will receive 2-3 emails per week. If you want to sign up without becoming a member, you will still receive emails roughly once a month.

I know that not everyone has the resources to contribute financially, while other readers might have ample resources. As a matter of justice, I want to make membership accessible to anyone who wants to read it, even those who cannot or will not support it financially.

*Note that because of limitations to the platform, the Frodo-level membership still requires a credit card. If you’d rather not put those details in and still want a membership, please email me at

If you do become a member, please consider telling a friend or two about it. Newsletters are more fun when read with others!

Thank you.

This has been a fun experiment, one which I have benefited from immensely.

I hope you will join the growing community of readers. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Thanks for your consideration.

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