I always strive, when I can, to spread sweetness and light. There have been several complaints about it.”

— PG Wodehouse

Matthew Lee Anderson is an Assistant Research Professor of Ethics and Theology at Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion and the Associate Director of Baylor in Washington. He is an Associate Fellow at the McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics, and Public Life at Oxford University, where he completed a D.Phil. in Christian Ethics. Academically, Anderson writes on a wide range of subjects, including pro- and anti-natalism, political theology, and bioethics. Anderson has an M.Phil. from the same university, and is a Perpetual Member of Biola University’s Torrey Honors Institute. In 2005 he founded Mere Orthodoxy, a web-based magazine that provides both long- and short-form commentary on matters of religion, politics, and culture from a broadly conservative, evangelical standpoint. He is the author of two books. Earthen Vessels: Why Our Bodies Matter to Our Faith was one of the first efforts (2008) within evangelicalism to develop a robustly theological account of bodiliness. The End of our Exploring is an attempt to articulate a spirituality and theology of questioning. Anderson writes occasionally for Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, The Washington Post, and elsewhere. He was listed among Christianity Today’s ‘33 under 33’ list of younger evangelical leaders, and co-hosts Mere Fidelity, a podcast on faith, theology, and ethics. He lives in Waco, Texas, and in his spare time enjoys beating fourth-graders at basketball.

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