I help churches and Christians confront the challenges we face.

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Thanks for your interest in having me speak to your church or group. I am deeply interested in helping groups of all sizes think more clearly about how the Gospel illuminates the challenges we face, and provides a path through them. I enjoy speaking to groups of all sizes, and enjoy a variety of formats–especially dialogues. I am always open to entertaining proposals about how I can best serve you.

Possible subjects or topics include:

  • The glory of God and the good(s) of marriage
  • Sex and transcendence: speaking about gay marriage in public
  • Recovering the forgotten virtue of chastity
  • Love in a time of climate change: a Christian ethic of procreation
  • (Why) should Christians have children?
  • Honouring God at the end of life: death and the limits of humanity
  • Infertility and the Hope of the Gospel
  • Sex, death, and tattoos: learning to love the body’s limits
  • Tortured wonders: forming Christian flesh
  • The beauty of life and the wrongs of abortion
  • The theological virtues and the end of the culture war
  • Can politics be saved?
  • The Gospel and (social) justice
  • Quit Netflix (and Disney+, too): cultivating ordinary practices for fruitfulness
  • Shakespeare and the retrieval of Christian wisdom

I would be interested in leading seminars, discussions, or giving talks on Christian engagement with: Homer, Plato, Augustine, G.K. Chesterton, Shakespeare (especially Shakespeare), Spencer, Dante, or just about any other ‘great’ text with sufficient notice.

Broadly, those fall under three categories:

  • Sexual ethics and marriage
  • The body and bioethics
  • The Gospel and politics
  • The Gospel and culture

Speaking Inquiries

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