Only hard data will bolster gravity of local social-distancing orders


These are stressful times for everyone, especially for those who have been tasked with making decisions to protect the public good. Our community leaders have been faced with the near-impossible task of determining how best we can prevent COVID-19 from ravaging our community — without simultaneously destroying the thriving economy that we have enjoyed. However we come out of this, we citizens owe such leaders our thanks: They have done an admirable job of keeping us safe.

This is especially true of our local medical systems. For years, their excellent service to our community has earned them goodwill and trust. We are each indebted to the many doctors and nurses who are working through conditions they never anticipated to bring healing to the sick. They and their families are at a profound risk of infection from COVID-19: It is incumbent upon us, as citizens, to show them our gratitude by doing all we can to mitigate its spread.

But to do that, we need more data.