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Neonatal euthanasia in the New York Times

There’s no easy way to criticize such an intimate essay—but critical reflection is, I think, necessary.

Infanticide debate reflects a new era for abortion politics

As states push for pro-choice protections, Christians have a growing obligation to defend the lives of babies born as “burdens.”

Why that Princeton prof’s argument for early abortion isn’t entirely stupid

I don’t think her view is absurd, and raises real issues that if we thought about for a hot minute might provide new avenues and arguments for a pro-life view.

People criticize pro-lifers for focusing so much on abortion. But there’s a reason we do.

For the pro-lifer, there is no clearer instance of the marginalized, the voiceless, and the vulnerable than in the womb.

Pro-lifers who support Donald Trump are kidding themselves — and hurting the movement

But the truth is there has never been a pro-life case for voting for Donald Trump. And his comments on abortion at the final debate last week demonstrated that Trump doesn’t care much about pro-life issues — and that he doesn’t know much about them, either.

The system behind abortion: Planned Parenthood’s dehumanizing rhetoric

The practice of treating infant bodies as products in a transaction should itself shock us, regardless of who profits from it.

On the number of zygote deaths and the meaning of pro-life

Does the number of embryo deaths imperil the pro-life position?

The choice of children: the logic of gay marriage and abortion

The complex relationship of procreation, gender differences, and reproductive impulses that is heterosexual marriage exists “pre-politically.”