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The politics of breast cancer

The eruption of controversy around the Komen Foundation’s decision to not renew its funding of Planned Parenthood and their stunning reversal (or was it?) has reinforced two truths: the culture war is a long way from over, and it is hardly a one-sided affair.

Mohler and Wallis debate justice and the church

While both sides recognized that evangelicals have failed in their social witness, the question is whether that failure constitutes a defeater for those who want to more narrowly define the gospel around atonement.

Why natural law arguments make evangelicals uncomfortable

A recent paper highlights the differences between evangelical and Catholic defense of traditional marriage.

The divine divide

The gods of America, and the difference they make. A review of ‘America’s Four Gods.’

The choice of children: the logic of gay marriage and abortion

The complex relationship of procreation, gender differences, and reproductive impulses that is heterosexual marriage exists “pre-politically.”

Expecting to change the world: A reply to James Davison Hunter

Conservative evangelicals are held captive by stories of secular institutions who refuse to allow the Christian worldview into their discourse about the nature of the world, stories which are used well to raise funds, but which reinforce a culture of negation and hostility toward those with whom we differ.