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The *Called into Questions* Interview

MLA: Called into Questions was released into the wild yesterday. I hope that you will buy a copy for yourself and a friend, read it, and then leave a review. The only…

Is certainty sinful?

Enns wants us to trust in God—to have a faith “not so much defined by what we believe but in whom we trust.”

Time for questions

Doubts multiply when we don’t allow time and freedom to question.

Our culture of reading and the end of dialogue: an essay

Confronting a text whose meaning is initially obscure to us and being impelled to press onward, to work and think and wrestle, gives us the sort of discipline and training that genuine wisdom demands.

How our questioning begins

How do we begin to learn to ask good questions?

4 ways to tell if your spiritual questions are good ones

There is such a thing as stupid questions. Here’s how to avoid them.