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The distortions of progressive Christians: how religious liberty is in danger

The legal and social struggle between gay rights and Christian sexual ethics is real, but whatever challenges ‘losing’ the culture brings for conservative Christians, martyrdom is currently not among them.

Hope, failures, and young evangelicals: on what I said and didn’t

Suppose the challenges I have described are real and that there is lots of social and institutional pressure to change one’s views about human sexuality. In such an environment, those who have the clearheadedness to see the game afoot will almost invariably sound paranoid.

Naive young evangelicals and the illiberal DNA of the gay rights movement

The central question facing our society is whether there can be mercy in the gay marriage debate.

Should yoga be banned from public schools as a religious activity?

Three views on a possible church-state stretch.

Can corporations be Christian?

Corporate policy, personal beliefs and the rapidly disappearing line between them.

The new Puritanism: Chick-fil-A and boycotts

It be folly to think that companies have ever escaped having values. Yet those values seem to have been, well, tied to their products. Industry. Thrift. Quality construction. Chick-Fil-A’s decision to close on Sunday’s is a decent example of this.