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A tale of two deaths

Whatever theological claim we might make about death, many of us are gripped by an inescapable instinct that it poses a challenge to us, that it raises a question about the meaning of our lives to which we must provide an answer.

The Fatal Tensions of the Fight Churches

What should we make of so-called ‘fight churches’?

Should yoga be banned from public schools as a religious activity?

Three views on a possible church-state stretch.

Marijuana, coffee, and our medicated age

The moral nature of any artificial stimulation or technological intervention into the body’s processes depends upon our understanding of the human body’s nature and purpose, and its meaning within creation.

Sin and health

Evangelicals sit in a somewhat paradoxical relationship with these cultural narratives about homosexuality and weight. Ministries are tasked not only with fulfilling their institutional vocation of helping those with same-sex desires live faithfully but also with defending their legitimacy and distancing themselves from their problematic methods of the past (think shock therapy).

God has a wonderful plan for your body

It includes sex, diet, and sports—but so much more.

Buildings matter because bodies matter

Buildings (or other forms of technology) don’t determine our behavior, of course. But because they do make certain forms of life more plausible, our architectural judgment needs to be theologically informed, just like our artistic judgment and our technological judgment.

Whitewashed tombs and Gucci-dressed sinners

The shape of holiness has many imitators, and in a technologically sophisticated affluent culture such as ours, bodily perfection is among the most seductive.

Neither beast nor God: Gilbert Meilander on personal dignity

*Neither Beast nor God* explores the way in which birth, breeding, and death offend our sense of human dignity (and the ways in which human dignity must be maintained in those acts), and how human dignity and personal dignity relate to each other.