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Have Evangelicals Forgotten God?

Despite the “evidence of ongoing vitality, the evangelical movement shows disturbing signs of dissipating its energies and forfeiting its initiative.” While this sentiment has pervaded discussions about evangelicals over the past decade, the close association of Donald Trump with “evangelicalism” has raised it to a feverish pitch.

White evangelicals have a complicated relationship with Christian nationalism

As the specter of full-dress theocracy has dimmed, attention has shifted to a distinct but overlapping phenomenon: Christian nationalism.

Sex ethics after purity culture: What do its critics want?

The absence of a script for how to enter marriage was partially a consequence of the loss of a social vision for why one would marry in the first place.

Can justice be saved?

In these talks, which I delivered at Biola University’s Torrey Honors Institute, I attempt to lay out an evangelical account of justice that is responsive to current questions.

The impossibility of an evangelical conservatism

While I now find Huckabee’s willingness to impale himself on the altar of Trump reprehensible, it is not because I am averse to evangelical populism: I just want it to remain evangelical.

Will the Trump presidency lead to renewed dialogue between Catholics and Evangelicals?

Mr. Trump’s degeneracy and the old-guard religious right’s defense of it provide younger conservative evangelicals an opportunity to clarify the nature of their witness in the political realm. In the coming years, they will need to look for new avenues to proclaim the truth of God’s word in a fractured and broken world.

Evangelicalism’s ‘Flight 93’ moment: reflections on the Nashville statement

Conservative evangelicals have been gripped by such questions since the CBMW released the statement two weeks ago. Yet while its advocates and defenders have touted its importance and its benefits, I fear the ensuing discussion has left conservative evangelicals as bereft of sound guidance on questions of gender identity and sexual orientation as we were prior to its release.

Why I won’t sign the Nashville Statement

Either we recognize the “beauty of God’s design for human life,” or we embrace a sexual ethic and understanding of maleness and femaleness grounded in an “individual’s autonomous preferences.” Either our witness is counter-cultural, or it is not biblical.

How Evangelicals Invented Liberals’ Favorite Legal Doctrine

“The Evangelical Origins of the Living Constitution” makes a persuasive historical case that nineteenth-century conservative Christians legislating morality created many of the problems associated with twenty-first-century liberals.

Pro-lifers who support Donald Trump are kidding themselves — and hurting the movement

But the truth is there has never been a pro-life case for voting for Donald Trump. And his comments on abortion at the final debate last week demonstrated that Trump doesn’t care much about pro-life issues — and that he doesn’t know much about them, either.

The better of the Keswick theologians

The desire for a constant feeling of enthusiasm about the Christian life can be exhausting—and when that enthusiasm is disconnected from the institutions meant to sustain it, it can become positively destructive.

Should Evangelicals Vote for Clinton or Trump?

The Republic will only begin to be renewed when ordinary citizens, people of good will, begin demanding better than they are being given. A day will come when we are ready for it.

There is no pro-life case for Donald Trump

There are no conditions at this point under which I could possibly vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Matthew Lee Anderson’s vision for top-shelf ministry

Why the Mere Orthodoxy blogger wants churches to keep the bar high—and help people reach it.

The New Evangelical Scandal

Whether Democratic efforts to win over evangelicals are successful in the long term remains to be seen. But their devotion of resources and attention to evangelicals and other faith-based communities suggests they see an opportunity to make inroads that did not exist previously.

Evangelicalism After Trump: The Moral Bankruptcy of the GOP

Responsible citizenship requires judgment, and sometimes judgment means abstention.

Against Donald Trump: why evangelicals must not support Trump

Trump is a not simply a charlatan, a huckster, a con-man, though he is all of that. He is also shameless. The more outlandish he is, the more he is rewarded with the only currency he cares about: attention.

The undead religious right: why I cannot support Ted Cruz

By all appearances, then, the Religious Right is as alive as it has ever have been. But this time, the grievances that animate them have flowered into an overt anti-politics, a willingness to trade the responsibilities of governance for the therapeutic cleansing of disruptive chaos.