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The work of the church: once more around the “countercultural” question

If culture is in a decline, repeatedly reminding the world of the fact did nothing to reverse it.

The hope of the church and the world: once more on “countercultural”

The church’s distinctiveness from the world is a byproduct; it comes from ordering ourselves toward the person and work of Jesus.

Writing as though history happened: on being countercultural christians

Having played the same song of decay so often, evangelical writers have a credibility gap with anyone who isn’t already convinced.

The media, evangelicals, and me: on being a pessimist in a progressive age

Christians shouldn’t assume that the ‘journey’ on sexual ethics only goes from orthodoxy to progressivism.

On whether Christians should keep supporting World Vision

World Vision tried to change its policies surrounding gay marriage. This is how I responded.

4 ways to tell if your spiritual questions are good ones

There is such a thing as stupid questions. Here’s how to avoid them.

Five fundamental questions conservative evangelicals must address

Conservative evangelicals have not yet grappled with the fundamental questions that determine the plausibility of our witness.

How Dallas Willard changed American Christianity

“Jesus offers Himself as God’s doorway into the life that is truly life. Confidence in Him leads us today, as in other times, to become apprentices to eternal living.” —The Divine Conspiracy, Dallas Willard

Here come the radicals!

David Platt, Francis Chan, Shane Claiborne, and now Kyle Idleman are dominating the Christian best-seller lists by attacking our comfortable Christianity. But is ‘radical faith’ enough?

Controversy and interpretation: A review of *biblical womanhood*

Rachel Held Evans’ book on biblical womanhood was entertaining, but ultimately dissatisfying.

Can there be an evangelical political theology?

The church’s life together is the soil from which political theology springs.

Culture wars and the future of the Evangelical political witness

The only way through the culture wars is not to shout about our need to go beyond them, but to set about ignoring them altogether and get on with the work that is given to each generation: providing the positive vision for society that has been informed by our Christian commitments.

A hill to die on: Evangelicals, contraception, and the integrity of our witness

Advocating for contraception for unmarried Christians would represent a new low for the evangelical churches understanding of human sexuality.

Sin and health

Evangelicals sit in a somewhat paradoxical relationship with these cultural narratives about homosexuality and weight. Ministries are tasked not only with fulfilling their institutional vocation of helping those with same-sex desires live faithfully but also with defending their legitimacy and distancing themselves from their problematic methods of the past (think shock therapy).

The trouble with Ed Young’s rooftop sexperiment

Yes, the church needs to talk more about sex. But pastors may need to talk about it less.

Five reflections on evangelicalism and adoption

The Gospel is not only an internal reality that helps us to get our hearts in the “right place” with respect to adoption. It is an external reality that should help us discern who we adopt and how we go about it.

What’s new is old: ‘America’s New Evangelicals’

Today’s politically liberal evangelicals may not be as different as some imagine.

The next Christians

How a generation is restoring the faith