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The Biblical Case Against IVF

Current infertility and procreation practices suggest a profound crisis in how we understand the significance of human life.

Poly Parenting and the Value of the Family

The emerging discussion about in vitro gametogenesis and other types of multi-parent technologies demands renewed attention to why children do well with only two parents, and why those parents do best to procreate in the ordinary way, even with all its inefficiencies, burdens, and failures.

Responding to Dr. Wayne Grudem on In Vitro Fertilization

There are only one of two directions we can go when people we love make moral choices: we can either waffle and change our own opinions about what’s right, or we can buttress the reasons we had for coming to the judgment in the first place.

Breaking evangelicalism’s silence on IVF

While evangelicals have become increasingly aware of the emotional challenges infertility poses, we have not yet considered the hidden costs of our desperate pursuit of children through artificial reproductive technologies.

The adoption tax credit is not (necessarily) pro-life

A Christian notion of adoption begins with the reunification of the people of God with their Lord through their incorporation into the life of Christ.

Why the church needs the infertile couple

We’re missing a broader scope of familial love.

Why churches shouldn’t push contraceptives to their singles

Reducing abortion is a noble and urgent goal. This is the wrong way to do it.

Five reflections on evangelicalism and adoption

The Gospel is not only an internal reality that helps us to get our hearts in the “right place” with respect to adoption. It is an external reality that should help us discern who we adopt and how we go about it.