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How We Got to the Equality Act

The LGBT movement was shaped by the animosity of populist evangelical rhetoric and tactics.

How pornography makes us less human and less humane

Pervasive consumption of pornography dulls the mind: if we delightedly give ourselves over to falsehoods, we lose our ability to sort truth from fiction.

Sex ethics after purity culture: What do its critics want?

The absence of a script for how to enter marriage was partially a consequence of the loss of a social vision for why one would marry in the first place.

Baptizing the Spirit of the Age

The Church of England recently released a document of “pastoral” guidelines for performing an “Affirmation of Baptismal Faith” ceremony for transgender individuals.

Assorted thoughts after Revoice

The divide about whether ‘identity’ is obviously or clearly unbiblical relates to why the conservative acknowledgment of gay Christians’ affirmation of biblical marriage seems to diminish its significance.

His mercy is on them that fear Him

Chastity requires an appropriate fear of the Lord.

Sex, temptation, and the gay christian: What chastity demands

How should Christians think about being ‘gay’?

The christian and homosexuality: further notes toward an evangelical sexual ethic

If there is an issue that separates the generations of evangelicals, it is the question of homosexuality.

The body and its pleasure: Toward an evangelical sexual ethic

If there were a sexual arms race, evangelicals would be winning.

Why I won’t sign the Nashville Statement

Either we recognize the “beauty of God’s design for human life,” or we embrace a sexual ethic and understanding of maleness and femaleness grounded in an “individual’s autonomous preferences.” Either our witness is counter-cultural, or it is not biblical.

Orthodoxy, sex ethics, and the meaning of nature

We should note, though, that trying to link traditional answers into the creeds in this sense does not narrow them, but rather seriously and significantly expands them.

The church’s “intersex” challenge

How should we respond to those who don’t seem to have been created male or female?

The end of sexual ethics: love and the limits of reason

Dianna Anderson (no relation) recently penned a very spirited critique of my recent essay on why I am opposed to gay marriage. I had been notified about the essay a while ago: in…

Why I am opposed to gay marriage

For it is in marriage—and marriage alone—that eros finds its consummation and discovers resources for its ongoing renewal. Eros can destabilize us and make us go topsy, but it also helps us see why marriage matters.

The limits of dialogue: q ideas, gay marriage, and Chuck Colson

The more confident we are in our knowledge, the more willing we can be to hear challenges to it.

Naive young evangelicals and the illiberal DNA of the gay rights movement

The central question facing our society is whether there can be mercy in the gay marriage debate.

Can Christians be gay? An inquiry

The gay Christian might remind other Christians of certain aspects or possibilities of non-sexual relationships that we may be prone to forget otherwise.

The lavishness of friendship and a world beyond vows

What should we make of the idea of ‘covenented friendships’?