We are all witnesses: singleness and the kingdom

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I was reading through the comments on the Christianity Today piece, which managed to be considerably better than “not terrible.”  In fact, they were rather interesting and, in some cases, constructive.

This one, by an “Anne S,” raises a particularly good point:

“The cure to the overemphasis on the virtues and benefits of marriage, to the alienation of the unmarried (both those who want to be married, and those content unmarried), is not to go to the other side and overemphasize how awesome it is that the unmarried get to remind the unmarried that “the form of this world is passing away.” It sends the message to the unmarrieds that Jesus views them as a tool of witness and example for the marrieds, rather than humans with good and godly longing and desire of their own. And, it overlooks the true problem: that in fact, something is seriously broken in the church with regard to how we mate and marry, and how we relate to one another as a body (that we ARE all equally loved, used, and cared for by Jesus) — and until someone actually helps articulate THIS, we will continue to have problems, and unmarried people will continue to feel like an unneeded appendage in a body they should feel a part OF.”