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Marriage as Moral Orthodoxy

As evangelicals watch megachurches and other institutions wobble in their convictions about marriage, we have sought to buttress support by elevating the traditional view of the doctrine to a matter of orthodoxy.

How We Got to the Equality Act

The LGBT movement was shaped by the animosity of populist evangelical rhetoric and tactics.

Poly Parenting and the Value of the Family

The emerging discussion about in vitro gametogenesis and other types of multi-parent technologies demands renewed attention to why children do well with only two parents, and why those parents do best to procreate in the ordinary way, even with all its inefficiencies, burdens, and failures.

Anthony Kennedy was *almost* right: post-obergefell thoughts on where we go now

If family is something slightly different than friendship, than marriage is essential to the needs of those who never marry.

Why I am opposed to gay marriage

For it is in marriage—and marriage alone—that eros finds its consummation and discovers resources for its ongoing renewal. Eros can destabilize us and make us go topsy, but it also helps us see why marriage matters.

The limits of dialogue: q ideas, gay marriage, and Chuck Colson

The more confident we are in our knowledge, the more willing we can be to hear challenges to it.

What is marriage?

What Is Marriage? can be credited for reviving natural law arguments about the nature of marriage within the public square as well as the evangelical world.

Think like progressives: marriage and the pro-life movement

The demographic case for the future of marriage looks bleak. Conservatives will need to think more like progressives.

What is marriage?

The argument is probably the most sophisticated natural law defense of marriage to date. Yet while rigorously argued, the book doesn’t require technical philosophical ability to be understood and appreciated.

We are all witnesses: singleness and the kingdom

Regardless of our status, the form of our lives is to point beyond ourselves, to remind each other of the reality of the revelation which we have heard, to be a people among whom the Word of God is living and active. Otherwise, the married and the single risk saying to each other, “Go your way, for I have no need of you.”

Real Marriage: A review (Pt. 2)

*Real Marriage* buries the mystery along with Ephesians 5. There’s nothing left of it, both in the book’s candid descriptions of sexuality and in its transparent confessions about the Driscoll’s struggles. And the prose inevitably follows: it is clear, but rarely sings and only infrequently stirs.

Real Marriage: A review (Pt. 1)

At the heart of *Real Marriage* is a commendation of “friendship.” But this is, in its own way, dissatisfying.

Why the church should still publicly oppose gay marriage

Would it be better to no longer defend traditional marriage in the public square? Not opposing same sex marriage may not solve Christianity’s image problem.

The choice of children: the logic of gay marriage and abortion

The complex relationship of procreation, gender differences, and reproductive impulses that is heterosexual marriage exists “pre-politically.”