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Responding to Dr. Wayne Grudem on In Vitro Fertilization

There are only one of two directions we can go when people we love make moral choices: we can either waffle and change our own opinions about what’s right, or we can buttress the reasons we had for coming to the judgment in the first place.

Breaking evangelicalism’s silence on IVF

While evangelicals have become increasingly aware of the emotional challenges infertility poses, we have not yet considered the hidden costs of our desperate pursuit of children through artificial reproductive technologies.

Neonatal euthanasia in the New York Times

There’s no easy way to criticize such an intimate essay—but critical reflection is, I think, necessary.

Infanticide debate reflects a new era for abortion politics

As states push for pro-choice protections, Christians have a growing obligation to defend the lives of babies born as “burdens.”

The impossibility of an evangelical conservatism

While I now find Huckabee’s willingness to impale himself on the altar of Trump reprehensible, it is not because I am averse to evangelical populism: I just want it to remain evangelical.

Baptizing the Spirit of the Age

The Church of England recently released a document of “pastoral” guidelines for performing an “Affirmation of Baptismal Faith” ceremony for transgender individuals.

Hating “them” is easy: How can Americans live together in peace?

Without any kind of shared educational tradition, our public discourse hangs on assembling a bricolage of numbers and personal vignettes.

Will the Trump presidency lead to renewed dialogue between Catholics and Evangelicals?

Mr. Trump’s degeneracy and the old-guard religious right’s defense of it provide younger conservative evangelicals an opportunity to clarify the nature of their witness in the political realm. In the coming years, they will need to look for new avenues to proclaim the truth of God’s word in a fractured and broken world.

Assorted thoughts after Revoice

The divide about whether ‘identity’ is obviously or clearly unbiblical relates to why the conservative acknowledgment of gay Christians’ affirmation of biblical marriage seems to diminish its significance.

His mercy is on them that fear Him

Chastity requires an appropriate fear of the Lord.

Sex, temptation, and the gay christian: What chastity demands

How should Christians think about being ‘gay’?

The christian and homosexuality: further notes toward an evangelical sexual ethic

If there is an issue that separates the generations of evangelicals, it is the question of homosexuality.

The body and its pleasure: Toward an evangelical sexual ethic

If there were a sexual arms race, evangelicals would be winning.

The adoption tax credit is not (necessarily) pro-life

A Christian notion of adoption begins with the reunification of the people of God with their Lord through their incorporation into the life of Christ.

Evangelicalism’s ‘Flight 93’ moment: reflections on the Nashville statement

Conservative evangelicals have been gripped by such questions since the CBMW released the statement two weeks ago. Yet while its advocates and defenders have touted its importance and its benefits, I fear the ensuing discussion has left conservative evangelicals as bereft of sound guidance on questions of gender identity and sexual orientation as we were prior to its release.

Why I won’t sign the Nashville Statement

Either we recognize the “beauty of God’s design for human life,” or we embrace a sexual ethic and understanding of maleness and femaleness grounded in an “individual’s autonomous preferences.” Either our witness is counter-cultural, or it is not biblical.

Why that Princeton prof’s argument for early abortion isn’t entirely stupid

I don’t think her view is absurd, and raises real issues that if we thought about for a hot minute might provide new avenues and arguments for a pro-life view.

Orthodoxy, sex ethics, and the meaning of nature

We should note, though, that trying to link traditional answers into the creeds in this sense does not narrow them, but rather seriously and significantly expands them.