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Why I am opposed to gay marriage

For it is in marriage—and marriage alone—that eros finds its consummation and discovers resources for its ongoing renewal. Eros can destabilize us and make us go topsy, but it also helps us see why marriage matters.

The limits of dialogue: q ideas, gay marriage, and Chuck Colson

The more confident we are in our knowledge, the more willing we can be to hear challenges to it.

Hope, failures, and young evangelicals: on what I said and didn’t

Suppose the challenges I have described are real and that there is lots of social and institutional pressure to change one’s views about human sexuality. In such an environment, those who have the clearheadedness to see the game afoot will almost invariably sound paranoid.

Naive young evangelicals and the illiberal DNA of the gay rights movement

The central question facing our society is whether there can be mercy in the gay marriage debate.

Behold! What Shakespeare’s words on mercy can teach us about Internet shaming

Our culture is risking a new, unrelenting pursuit of justice far more “Puritanical” than the Puritans.

Behold! What Shakespeare’s words on mercy can teach us about Internet shaming

Our impulse to punish wrongdoings through shame is expanding in part because we lack shared authorities who can make justice public for us — and because so much more of our lives can become public. We are all judge and jury now.

The work of the church: once more around the “countercultural” question

If culture is in a decline, repeatedly reminding the world of the fact did nothing to reverse it.

The hope of the church and the world: once more on “countercultural”

The church’s distinctiveness from the world is a byproduct; it comes from ordering ourselves toward the person and work of Jesus.

Writing as though history happened: on being countercultural christians

Having played the same song of decay so often, evangelical writers have a credibility gap with anyone who isn’t already convinced.

What is marriage?

What Is Marriage? can be credited for reviving natural law arguments about the nature of marriage within the public square as well as the evangelical world.

Can Christians be gay? An inquiry

The gay Christian might remind other Christians of certain aspects or possibilities of non-sexual relationships that we may be prone to forget otherwise.

Prudence > Courage

The language of prudence has an archaic, outmoded quality that reminds us more of Puritan naming practices than a virtue that is indispensable for our lives together.

The media, evangelicals, and me: on being a pessimist in a progressive age

Christians shouldn’t assume that the ‘journey’ on sexual ethics only goes from orthodoxy to progressivism.

A tale of two deaths

Whatever theological claim we might make about death, many of us are gripped by an inescapable instinct that it poses a challenge to us, that it raises a question about the meaning of our lives to which we must provide an answer.

The Fatal Tensions of the Fight Churches

What should we make of so-called ‘fight churches’?

The lavishness of friendship and a world beyond vows

What should we make of the idea of ‘covenented friendships’?

Which generous spaciousness for gay Christians?

The book is written for those for whom “simplistic, black and white answers on these questions will not suffice.”

On disrespectable Christianity

Many of the most hopeful and best parts of evangelicalism the past fifteen years have been encompassed by an incipient desire for respectability.