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Against Donald Trump: why evangelicals must not support Trump

Trump is a not simply a charlatan, a huckster, a con-man, though he is all of that. He is also shameless. The more outlandish he is, the more he is rewarded with the only currency he cares about: attention.

The undead religious right: why I cannot support Ted Cruz

By all appearances, then, the Religious Right is as alive as it has ever have been. But this time, the grievances that animate them have flowered into an overt anti-politics, a willingness to trade the responsibilities of governance for the therapeutic cleansing of disruptive chaos.

The church’s “intersex” challenge

How should we respond to those who don’t seem to have been created male or female?

The distortions of progressive Christians: how religious liberty is in danger

The legal and social struggle between gay rights and Christian sexual ethics is real, but whatever challenges ‘losing’ the culture brings for conservative Christians, martyrdom is currently not among them.

Anthony Kennedy was *almost* right: post-obergefell thoughts on where we go now

If family is something slightly different than friendship, than marriage is essential to the needs of those who never marry.

The end of sexual ethics: love and the limits of reason

Dianna Anderson (no relation) recently penned a very spirited critique of my recent essay on why I am opposed to gay marriage. I had been notified about the essay a while ago: in…

The system behind abortion: Planned Parenthood’s dehumanizing rhetoric

The practice of treating infant bodies as products in a transaction should itself shock us, regardless of who profits from it.

Time for questions

Doubts multiply when we don’t allow time and freedom to question.

Our culture of reading and the end of dialogue: an essay

Confronting a text whose meaning is initially obscure to us and being impelled to press onward, to work and think and wrestle, gives us the sort of discipline and training that genuine wisdom demands.

Why I am opposed to gay marriage

For it is in marriage—and marriage alone—that eros finds its consummation and discovers resources for its ongoing renewal. Eros can destabilize us and make us go topsy, but it also helps us see why marriage matters.

The limits of dialogue: q ideas, gay marriage, and Chuck Colson

The more confident we are in our knowledge, the more willing we can be to hear challenges to it.

Hope, failures, and young evangelicals: on what I said and didn’t

Suppose the challenges I have described are real and that there is lots of social and institutional pressure to change one’s views about human sexuality. In such an environment, those who have the clearheadedness to see the game afoot will almost invariably sound paranoid.

Naive young evangelicals and the illiberal DNA of the gay rights movement

The central question facing our society is whether there can be mercy in the gay marriage debate.

Behold! What Shakespeare’s words on mercy can teach us about Internet shaming

Our culture is risking a new, unrelenting pursuit of justice far more “Puritanical” than the Puritans.

Behold! What Shakespeare’s words on mercy can teach us about Internet shaming

Our impulse to punish wrongdoings through shame is expanding in part because we lack shared authorities who can make justice public for us — and because so much more of our lives can become public. We are all judge and jury now.

The work of the church: once more around the “countercultural” question

If culture is in a decline, repeatedly reminding the world of the fact did nothing to reverse it.

The hope of the church and the world: once more on “countercultural”

The church’s distinctiveness from the world is a byproduct; it comes from ordering ourselves toward the person and work of Jesus.

Writing as though history happened: on being countercultural christians

Having played the same song of decay so often, evangelical writers have a credibility gap with anyone who isn’t already convinced.