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In Defence of War: A reflection

Nigel Biggar’s masterful book on war does not quite win the argument against the pacifists.

Bible, gender, sexuality

Reframing the church’s debate on same-sex relationships

Further thoughts on World Vision

It was not clear that the decision to withdraw funding from World Vision entails that there is *more* concern for opposing homosexuality than for helping children.

On whether Christians should keep supporting World Vision

World Vision tried to change its policies surrounding gay marriage. This is how I responded.

On the meaning of “Heterosexuality”

‘Orientation’ and ‘identity’ are both concepts that should be jettisoned for theological ethics.

The Politics of Silence: Questions for Peter Leithart

Conservatives might want to think more seriously about the value of silence in the culture war.

On the number of zygote deaths and the meaning of pro-life

Does the number of embryo deaths imperil the pro-life position?

How our questioning begins

How do we begin to learn to ask good questions?

4 ways to tell if your spiritual questions are good ones

There is such a thing as stupid questions. Here’s how to avoid them.

Should yoga be banned from public schools as a religious activity?

Three views on a possible church-state stretch.

Five fundamental questions conservative evangelicals must address

Conservative evangelicals have not yet grappled with the fundamental questions that determine the plausibility of our witness.

The ordinary is not comfortable: Richard Stearns’ “radical” misreading

Ordinary moments intersect with eternity, where the meaning of our lives hangs. Focusing on the mundane isn’t a call to comfort: it’s a terrifying call to remember the judgment which we stand beneath.

The vocation of writing when words are cheap

The value of sentences as a raw material has dropped. How should those who love words respond?

Sex and sacrifice: On the structure of autoeroticism

Sacrifice and self-giving for another’s good go together, even in sexual desire.

Blue like orthodoxy: when Donald Miller met G.K. Chesterton

Chesterton is magical because he kept his sense of humor while using it at the expense of his intellectual foes, and in the defense of dogmas.

How Dallas Willard changed American Christianity

“Jesus offers Himself as God’s doorway into the life that is truly life. Confidence in Him leads us today, as in other times, to become apprentices to eternal living.” —The Divine Conspiracy, Dallas Willard

Think like progressives: marriage and the pro-life movement

The demographic case for the future of marriage looks bleak. Conservatives will need to think more like progressives.

Here come the radicals!

David Platt, Francis Chan, Shane Claiborne, and now Kyle Idleman are dominating the Christian best-seller lists by attacking our comfortable Christianity. But is ‘radical faith’ enough?