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Marijuana, coffee, and our medicated age

The moral nature of any artificial stimulation or technological intervention into the body’s processes depends upon our understanding of the human body’s nature and purpose, and its meaning within creation.

Martin Luther on the passions of evangelical politics

Luther’s account of the passions in his political theology provides helpful guidance for evangelicals.

What is marriage?

The argument is probably the most sophisticated natural law defense of marriage to date. Yet while rigorously argued, the book doesn’t require technical philosophical ability to be understood and appreciated.

Intellectual empathy and overcoming disagreement

One way to cultivate such common ground in our own local communities is through what some of called “intellectual empathy,” or the decision to enter into a person’s way of the seeing the world and look along with them.

The election disaster? Social conservatives and hope

We as Christians are called to a politics of hope, and that must frame our public discourse.

Controversy and interpretation: A review of *biblical womanhood*

Rachel Held Evans’ book on biblical womanhood was entertaining, but ultimately dissatisfying.

Can there be an evangelical political theology?

The church’s life together is the soil from which political theology springs.

Our delightfully strange world

On a first read, though, Orthodoxy almost appears not to be a book at all, but rather a long string of glittery sentences, each threatening to undo our reading by drawing us into the world anew.

Can corporations be Christian?

Corporate policy, personal beliefs and the rapidly disappearing line between them.

Friendship, opposition, and Chick-Fil-A

Ethical consumption doesn’t entail these sorts of symbolic actions, and while it might be right to support the restaurant there’s also something to not letting the right hand know about the left when we’re doing what we ought.

The new Puritanism: Chick-fil-A and boycotts

It be folly to think that companies have ever escaped having values. Yet those values seem to have been, well, tied to their products. Industry. Thrift. Quality construction. Chick-Fil-A’s decision to close on Sunday’s is a decent example of this.

The trouble with talking about our “identity in Christ”

The positive content of our “identity in Christ” rarely gets filled in. Instead, we are left with a void, an empty hole that can neither guide nor instruct us in how we should live in the world.

Young evangelicals still at war? A review of “A Faith of Our Own”

Jonathan Merritt seeks a non-partisan faith, but leaving behind the left-right culture clashes is harder than it seems.

Culture wars and the future of the Evangelical political witness

The only way through the culture wars is not to shout about our need to go beyond them, but to set about ignoring them altogether and get on with the work that is given to each generation: providing the positive vision for society that has been informed by our Christian commitments.

The end of courage and the surrender of Evangelical sexual ethics

Should evangelicals encourage and advocate for the use of contraception, or even present information in our churches that signal (tacitly or otherwise) approval and exhoration?

A hill to die on: Evangelicals, contraception, and the integrity of our witness

Advocating for contraception for unmarried Christians would represent a new low for the evangelical churches understanding of human sexuality.

Why churches shouldn’t push contraceptives to their singles

Reducing abortion is a noble and urgent goal. This is the wrong way to do it.

Let’s change hearts and minds (and laws, too)

To advocate culture over politics, without revisiting the grounds of both, will simply perpetuate the sort of cultural nihilism that currently plagues us.