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Five reflections on evangelicalism and adoption

The Gospel is not only an internal reality that helps us to get our hearts in the “right place” with respect to adoption. It is an external reality that should help us discern who we adopt and how we go about it.

What’s new is old: ‘America’s New Evangelicals’

Today’s politically liberal evangelicals may not be as different as some imagine.

God has a wonderful plan for your body

It includes sex, diet, and sports—but so much more.

Buildings matter because bodies matter

Buildings (or other forms of technology) don’t determine our behavior, of course. But because they do make certain forms of life more plausible, our architectural judgment needs to be theologically informed, just like our artistic judgment and our technological judgment.

Whitewashed tombs and Gucci-dressed sinners

The shape of holiness has many imitators, and in a technologically sophisticated affluent culture such as ours, bodily perfection is among the most seductive.

The next Christians

How a generation is restoring the faith

Washed and waiting

Reflections on Christian faithfulness and homosexuality

Why the church should still publicly oppose gay marriage

Would it be better to no longer defend traditional marriage in the public square? Not opposing same sex marriage may not solve Christianity’s image problem.

Standing with sojourners: when progressive isn’t progressive enough

It’s not enough (anymore) to be liberal on economic or racial issues and conservative on the sexual ones, as sexual politics have taken precedence over any others in the religious left.

The battle for the evangelical 20-somethings

There are blind spots built into the discussion about who the next Christians are and what shape Christianity should take—blind spots which can only be really seen properly when the movement is put into dialogue with both history and other communities.

Why natural law arguments make evangelicals uncomfortable

A recent paper highlights the differences between evangelical and Catholic defense of traditional marriage.

Caitlin Flanagan and the disenchantment of sex

If nothing is sacred, nothing can be profaned. The reverberations from a scandal surrounding colleges and sex might provide a little hope that the total disenchantment of sex is not yet complete.

The center of good news

Why we can’t understand the gospel—or ourselves—without the Trinity. A review of ‘The Deep Things of God.’

Why Christians should oppose “death panels”

We should treat death with the sort of contemplative, cheerful deliberation that might mark someone at the beginning of a long voyage, for the journey into the far country is the beginning, not the end.

The divine divide

The gods of America, and the difference they make. A review of ‘America’s Four Gods.’

Culturally focusing on the family

How hipster evangelicals have fallen into the same consumerist traps as their parents.

Your doctrine of creation is too small

In the order of questions, how the world came into being, or whether the world is good, or what responsibilities we have toward the world are all derivative upon the questions of what the world is and how it is to be understood in reference to the Creator.

The choice of children: the logic of gay marriage and abortion

The complex relationship of procreation, gender differences, and reproductive impulses that is heterosexual marriage exists “pre-politically.”